Thursday, April 11, 2013

ArmA 3 Alpha - The Rescue of Agent Vidales - Mission Available

Better done than perfect, they say. You can grab the mission from this link.

The mission doesn't include helicopter transport as shown in this picture. I am showing it here because it just looks great.
The mission should be playable both multiplayer and single-player. You and your team start in two assault boats off the coast of Agia Marina.

If you play this in singleplayer, be mindful of getting ashore. The AI bots get easily stuck in rocky areas, so try to choose an open beach.

In single player, the command to get your guys out of the assault boats is "disembark".
Your tasks are to find Vidales, extract him to the pick up area and to destroy his truck. There are markers for finding Vidales and for his truck.

Vidales is a civilian but on the blue side. This means that he will be shot by the OPFOR if he gets spotted. Vidales should not move until the team leader enters his house and both can see each other. At this point Vidales will join the player's squad.

Depending on the volume of fire in the area, there is a chance that Vidales will go prone and clip himself under the floor of his house. In those cases, fire a couple of rounds in front of him to gain his attention.  
Get ready for some oddities of the Alpha, like OPFOR bots dancing back and forth at bridges.


Greg B said...

Can't download it even though I'm logged come?

Johan said...

Thanks, JC! This is going to be fun to try out. First attempt didn't go well, we got spotted and killed just as we were getting ashore. As there is no way to use your weapons while in a vehicle or boat, we had no chance.

Johan said...

Greg, are you clicking on the small arrow to the far right on the screen? I had trouble finding that one at first too.

JC said...

Hi Greg, sorry about the inconvenience. Could you get it to work?

JC said...

Hi Johann. That assault boat thing is irritating. Maybe go for an unopposed landing elsewhere? Or fire support to suppress the patrols?

Johan said...

Yeah, it was all my fault. Tried to land too close to the objective, and got spotted by an enemy patrol. I'll have to find a beach further away for my next attempt.

Gowan James Ditchburn said...

cool looking game. I'll wait for the full release. I have not played much Arma2 in recent days, not been playing much at all, which I suppose is a good thing but I would prefer to be playing.

anyway cool looking stuff there.

Chris said...

JC I had trouble downloading the file for Steam.. Which folder should I place this in?

Anonymous said...

Generally you would place mission files here:
C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/SteamApps/common/Arma 3/Missions/

Johan said...

Hi JC,

great mission, though I had trouble locating Vidales. I thought at first that he had clipped through the floor, but that's not it. I turned on the waypoints, and it pointed me about 600 meters away.

I know I was in the right house, as it was the second house over from where his vehicle was. Could he have been scared and run away? I did use arty to take out his vehicle before approaching his hideout. Unfortunately, I was then killed before being able to check out this waypoint, but I will certainly try again. I hope you will consider posting more great missions in the future!!

I also love the new fog system (new feature that is for now only available if you enable the developer builds). Really nicely done!! It made this mission really atmospheric, first a boat ride through the thick fog, and then bright and sunny weather once I reached the target area.

Here is a video describing the new fog feature: Link

JC said...

Hi Johan and sorry for the late response.

Good to know you liked it and sorry for the trouble finding that guy. I added an AI module to keep him from moving before he was found, but I also noticed that on rare occasions he makes it for the hills. Maybe your mortar barrage spooked him?

BTW, I liked your economy of force type of thinking (blow up his truck with mortar fire). In a couple of my plays I used the truck for escaping with my crew and Vidales. :p