Monday, March 4, 2013

Insurgency in the North Caucasian Federal District - War Stories From the Front Lines: # 11 Georgian Army Patrol Secures an UAV Crash Wreckage Site (Intro)

An UAV has been shot down in Georgian sovereign skies and the Georgian Army scrambles to secure the pieces from infiltrating Abkhazian militias. First to make contact with the Abkhazians, a Georgian Army squad with a lot of determination.

This #11 episode will be from ArmA 2 gameplay, modded with the Georgian Armed Forces package.

Tactical SITREP and mission. The Georgian Army squad (blue icon) has to secure the crash site.  A mix of Abkhazian militia and regulars (platoon size) are known to have crossed the border and likely to be around the crash site.
Lt. Jaba Chkhetidze, in charge of a border patrol detachment, faces a daunting task. Pictured here with the handful of  HMMWVs that he used as transport.
The smoke billow (far background) made it very easy to locate the objective.
[Short post again, fellows! Enthusiasm is always inversely proportional to free time]



Gowan James Ditchburn said...

hi I am new to your blog. I must say I love it, I normally play with models (as can be seen from my blog) but I love games/simulators, and I decided to get the Arma 2 free version as soon as I saw this post... if I like it I might get the full version.

though as you say enthusiasm is always inversly proportional to free time... Actually if I move back to gaming with my modern models I might use this system to plan missions for them...

sorry for boring you with talk of models, but I am new so I'll soon find my place.

p.s got the free version because I am dirt poor is there other free or cheap games/simulators you can recommend for me?

Mehmet Fatih Baş said...

Gowan, if you're into flight sims try DSC World. It's a free download with Su-25T attack aircraft. With other purchasable mods, it becomes one of the best air-land combat sims ever.

JC posts lots of stuff using that sim.

JC said...

Hola Gowan,

Mehmet got a good one there. Thanks, Mehmet. I would not have remembered it was for free.

If you are into wargames, "Armored Brigade" is also completely free.

How is ArmA 2 doing for you?



Gowan James Ditchburn said...

thanks both of you.
I'll give both those other games a go. as for Arma 2 so far so good. I will need to change a few of the sensitivity settings because I lack a joystick and have to play with a mouse, but apart from that its fine.

Anonymous said...

Hello JC,

Are you planning on getting Arma 3? The alpha is out now and during the alpha stage the game is selling at a reduced price. I am really impressed by how much it has already improved over Arma 2, especially in controls, UI and animations.

JC said...

Hi Anonymous,

Yes. I'm procrastinating a bit. I fear being disappointed. Everything looks so futuristic!


Johan said...

Yes, the slightly futuristic setting in Arma 3 is a bit disappointing. I would also much have prefered the present day. However, it is by no means "science fiction", and all the amazing improvents makes it more than worth it. Just make sure that you play anything you might have planned to get to in Arma 2 first, for once you have tried Arma 3 you could never go back to the clunky Arma 2 again. :-)

RangerX3X said...

I would have preferred ArmA 3 to go back in time, if not Korea than Vietnam. I know it is not as popular in video gaming as WW2 or present/future day, but I would have bought it.

JC said...

@ Anonymous and Johan: damn it, guys. I can't get myself out of it now. :)

Hi Ranger,
There is always hope for a mod!


brooby said...

Curious to know what happened to this series? I really enjoyed it :)