Wednesday, March 27, 2013

ArmA 3 Alpha Lite - Who Wants a Free Key?

There are a free keys available from a reader of the blog and myself. All you need to do is email us and provide your e-mail or Steam user name. If you are not a Steam member yet, you can create a free account here.

Limited availability!

freekeys at aa-vcp dot com
realandsimulatedwars at gmail dot com

Update: we ran out of keys. Thanks James and Johan for helping out with theirs.

What is ArmA 3 Alpha Lite?
From Bohemia Interactive's website:
Arma 3 Alpha Lite is similar to the regular Arma 3 Alpha in terms of content. However, modding and multiplayer are not supported. People can access Arma 3 Alpha Lite for free, but will require an ‘invite’ to do so. These invites can be obtained via people who have purchased the regular Arma 3 Alpha. They will also be randomly dispersed via our social channels and selected media outlets.



Phil said...

Just purchased this on Steam and then i come over here and read this :)

Just had a go and i have to admit the AI seems to be very good. Made a few missions over at Planned Assault and they work really well.

Ramses said...

Received the key via Steam today. Thank you very much JC!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link guys!!

MikeyB in Cleveland

Marco said...

I have 3 more if they are need it.

Brido3 said...

Please send me a key my steam is TheBrido3

Johan said...

To those of you trying out Arma 3 with the free keys, or are just considering getting into it, buy into the Alpha now if you like it. Don't wait, as it will be significantly more expensive later. I think we're getting about a 50% reduction now compared with what the price will be at release. There will also be a price increase when the Beta comes out during the summer.

Marco said...

Sent it Brido, have a good time.

JC said...

Thanks, Marko! Any keys left?

elij jordan said...

anyone have 1 more spare key left for me? my steam is ejinalkmaar

JC said...

Hi elij,

I hope Marco can help you. I will put your request on the main body of the blog for better visibility, but let me know when you get one.



elij jordan said...

Awesome thanks!

elij jordan said...

Just so you know why i want the lite key is to see if i can even run the game on the pc i have.I dont wanna have a situation where i buy a game for 30$ and it won't even run. Just so you the key wont be a waste.