Sunday, February 24, 2013

Armchair General's Col. Paulding Combat Mission Videos - A+ Material You Need to Watch

It's not only the great tactical advice but also the impeccable editing what makes Col. Paulding's videos the unofficial tactical manual for Combat Mission.

Episode VI (video above) is the final one and has been out for a while but I didn't want to pass an opportunity to praise the brilliant work of Col. Paulding.

In this episode:
  • Contact! (always establish contact with the enemy using your smallest formation/unit)
  • Spread out! (in open terrain, you will be held accountable for bunching up)
  • Fire superiority and bases of fire (this has been covered in previous videos, but this time he is commanding the Italians and the issue is very important)
  • Different Armies, different tactics! (not only different organization but also different weaponry requires slight adjustments on the way the same tactical songs are played)
  • "Matchups" (understanding what own and enemy weapons systems can and can't do: match them up to your advantage)
  • Shoot them in the flank! (enfilade fire during a correct matchup works marvels)
  • It's not only what you see, but what it means (situational awareness: what can you imply from the enemy fire)
  • Put the ground under your feet (use the camera at a very low level to better appreciate the terrain)
  • ... and more
The user contributions and official forum discussions at Battlefront have changed a lot since the last 5 years or so. Thanks Col. Paulding for reminding everybody that this great series is not all about more and better looking floating icons, or more camouflage patterns for the tanks!



Peter said...

Excellent set of guides - very useful for any tactical game.

Well found

pavlos germidis said...

Incredible find, JC.

I so got hypnotized by those videos yesterday that I almost forgot to feed the kids! Baaaaaaad daddy :)

Are you going to do some video thingy once, just to see ?

Fabrizio123 said...

Wow that was not only excellent, it was highly enjoyable.

JC said...

Aren't those videos fantastic? I love the careful editing! BF should pack these in a DVD along with their games.

Pavlos, I hope the wife didn't get notified ... :)