Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Short Stories from Small Wars IV - Breaking the Peace at the Peacekeeper's Camp South of Tskhinvali - Reconnaissance and Tactical Plan

Continued from the previous entry.

I am now at the observation position. The Russian camp can be seen in the far background.
The observation position turned out to be a bit too close for just observation. My gunner is itching for a shot.

Gunner's primary sight view.  The camp perimeter is protected by Hesco gabions and at least two buildings/barracks are visible from our position. The Russian camp is located nearly 2 km away (note the range wheel on top of the sight, that range estimation was taken before this screenshot).

The lack of TIS and the relatively small and fixed magnification of the GPS had me making out a situation template from what it can be seen just from this picture. Those two possible bunkers are worrisome because they can harbor infantry ATGM teams. We now that Russian BMPs are in the camp, but only the AI eyes of other members of the team can see them.

A shallow but wide cut produces a small ridge line (dotted line) in the terrain south of the enemy camp. Here it is shown from our observation position. It appears to be free of brush or trees, which is good for deploying our tanks in a battle line. 

A hill located west of the camp features a slope that is very gentle in the northward direction, forming another ridge line (dotted line) that can be used as a good fire position. The dotted arrow indicates the probable best location for observing and engaging the enemy. 

The tactical plan. The blue icon is my T-72M1 tank platoon.
  • Given the 2 km separation between us and the camp (within range of our main guns) we will first fire upon the enemy from our current position (ABF "East", attack by fire position "East"). Main targets will be enemy BMPs (in case we are able to spot them sometime, using armor piercing rounds), the infantry bunkers and the buildings/barracks (high explosive rounds, anti-personnel and antitank). We will expend half our main gun rounds at ABF "East". 
  • On order, we will move through a covered route towards our second position (ABF "South"). Reloading of ammo for the main gun is to be completed during a stop in the march. The new ABF position is expected to provide better chances for target acquisition.  We expect to expend up to 70% of the remaining main gun rounds at this position.
  • Depending on ammunition levels, we will then move to ABF "West" for battle damage evaluation. Range will be extremely close and targets will be engaged only if the remaining enemy forces are severely depleted.


Jayson Ng said...

Aren't HE's enough to kill BMPs? Or is it a case of to few HE rounds and not much armor threat.

Anonymous said...

Is this scenario somewhere to download?

JC said...

Hi Jayson,
Oddly enough, in the AAR you will see the BMPs getting damaged by HE anti-troops rounds.

JC said...

Hi Anonymous,
I will give you the scenario if you help me with the scoring.