Monday, June 4, 2012

Those That Serve - New Video from BO

Dedicated to the International Security Assistance Force.


Anonymous said...

Great as always...

"This we do for not for a flag, nor a Prime Minister or President, but for the men to our left and right".
It could not be more true. That is the only motivation I have when I am down there.

Considering the overall mission of supporting the Afghans, I could not honestly care less about. Its IMO a lost cause.

Violence is the only working solution down there at the moment. Killing and capturing insurgents is not our mission, but its the only thing that helps to improve the overall security... at least for ourselves.


Anonymous said...

Well said all around, pergite.

That was a excellent ISAF dedication video.

Bryan said...
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Anonymous said...

you have yt site? i am french. sory for language problemm.

was excellent dedication video thank you.