Sunday, March 4, 2012

Companion Website and Discussion Group


The blog has grown a lot, real life is not getting any simpler and we have some collateral damage.

  1. The change to a new Blogger template has rendered the blog's search function useless. As a result of that, older blogger entries are virtually inaccessible and unknown for readers who started reading the blog in the last year or so.
  2. Due to the limited time that I have available for gaming and blogging, many entries have been divided in several parts. This results in a very uncomfortable reading experience for the followers of the blog.
  3. Again, due to the limited time I have available, virtually all comments the readers post in the blog have gone unanswered for the last 4 months.
I thought about it and here are two things I came up with:
  • I opened a companion website where I will post the most read entries of the blog. There are many blog entries I want to share with those of you who many not had a chance to read them. Entries that in the blog are divided in parts will be available in just one page of the companion website. I was thinking about offering a pdf version of some of those but I don't know if there is enough interest for that.
  • I also opened a discussion group so you can comment and discuss without the constrains of the Blogger comment feature. I'm not so sure how seamless is this Google discussion groups thing, but at least is something. My free time is unlikely to get any bigger, but I'm hoping to read great discussions about these games and sims we love.
All of the above subject to a very good amount of future tweaking and modification.


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