Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Take On Helicopters Review at SimHQ

A good, balanced and thorough review at SimHQ.com:


I was thinking of picking a copy Take On Helicopters (the helicopter
flight sim from the same guys who made ArmA 2) but I was a bit
reluctant after the extremely poor handling of vehicles in ArmA 2.
Both ArmA 2 and Take On share the same game engine, I heard.

The review at SimHQ points out that the handling of the helos in Take
On is not that good and that many physical effects of helicopter
flying are not modelled.

Thanks SimHQ for the review, you saved me money. :) I'm not surprised
that Take On feels a bit off in the physics department: you can get
stuck in a bush just walking around in ArmA 2. :)


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Anonymous said...

Yeah, ArmA 2 and vechiles... meh - but Take On actually has a pretty good helicopter engine. The systems are simplified, there are like 8 buttons in the cockpit, but the flight model is actually kinda good, and it does simulate real life stuff like the ground effect etc.