Sunday, February 26, 2012

ArmA 2 Operation Arrowhead - Named Area of Interest "Viking" - Fear in Shades of Green: Up to the Wire

The decision to attack the combat outpost is a go. Much of what we can do with the Takistani rebels (assault or attack by fire) depends on that concertina wire that surrounds the outpost. Tonight, my best scout and me will infiltrate the combat outpost to determine if the wire is likely to be breached with an off-road vehicle.

Gamer's note: I'm using the Zeus Mod, which allegedly gives the AI a bit more wisdom. In this particular night mission, I hope the mod improves the AI's awareness to noise. This mission makes use of the plain vanilla "guard" waypoint, which will drive enemy AI units towards any detected infiltrators. So, our plan is to stay undetected.

The Takistani Army has a colossal shortage of night vision equipment. At the combat outpost, there is no less than 3 good old searchlights fanning out in several directions. Note: searchlights will orient towards detected threats, even with the vanilla version of the game. If we get detected and thereby illuminated, even enemy units without night vision equipment will move to find us.

Our first bet for an unobserved approach was that tree line in the base of the hill we stand right now. A searchlight is blazing it. No go.
The headlights of an enemy vehicle suggest an enemy patrol around the non-illuminated area to our right. The blind patch in front of us looks inviting and we decide to scout it from our left.
Moving towards the left flank. We are pulling back a bit to re-approach. That tree line in the background is the approach we wished for. Note the hill's slopes illuminated by the seach lights. The enemy vehicle headlights can be seen in the far background.

On our extremely careful approach on the left flank, we bump into an enemy BMP moving along a road on patrol (bright smoke on my left). The BMP has an IR targeting system and could see us in the darkest of nights, so we hide and wait. The hill in the background is illuminated by searchlights from the combat outpost.

Our chosen infiltration route is the dark cone between the illuminated areas, right in front of us. The combat outpost is on the top of the hill.
Our infiltration route is blocked by a mechanized enemy patrol. The BMP that spooked us a few minutes ago is now oriented towards the left flank, making it impossible to move forward. Note the infantry near the road. Damn it! We will have to pull back and re-approach from the right flank. 
A new attempt, now on the right flank. After moving back around the hill, we slowly move towards the combat outpost, carefully avoiding the searchlight's illumination cones. That enemy patrol on our right worries me.
But the real deal is less than 100 meters in front of us. The enemy patrol covering our infiltration route depends on the IR targeting system of the BMP, and these damn NVGs of mine don't let me see if the armored vehicle is facing towards us or not.
My scout (front) and me. This is beyond scary, but pushing forward nonetheless.

Just to give you an idea of how dark is the night, this screenshot of the world without the night vision goggles.
Crossing the road without being seen. Note the BMP on the other side of the built up area.

With the enemy patrol in our backs, now we are climbing up to the combat outpost on the top of the hill. The wire perimeter is visible now.
Climbing up. Avoiding the searchlight.

We made it! The wire is nimble and can be breached with a conventional vehicle. We keep our heads down because we can hear an enemy dismounted patrol along the perimeter. Time to pull out.

Stay tuned for part 2.


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I´m enjoying most of what you write here, nut would it be possible to enlarge the pictures you include in your posts? Even when you click on them they sometimes too small to actually see whats going on.

Keep up the good work!