Sunday, February 12, 2012

ArmA 2 Operation Arrowhead - Named Area of Interest "Viking" - Akbar Amin's Unbelievable Shot

Continued from this entry.
The Takistani Army is overextended in NAI Viking. Their patrols are minuscule in size and predictable in their range. As for the Takistani rebels, they have a penchant for explosives, rockets and extreme range fire. The latter never achieving too much ... We are scouting approaches to the infamous Takistany Army's combat outpost, where we intend to introduce the Takistani rebels to the benefits of close combat.

Enter Akbar Amin, a goatherd who is the best guide to the region. I met Akbar a couple of hours ago in his house for an observation patrol. I was expecting him to come out with his crook but instead he brought his SVD rifle. There was no way to convince this man to leave the weapon home.

The first conclusion of this hike is that despite the accuracy of our maps, there is no replacement for the tribal knowledge of the locals. Akbar, pointed out that many families have phones and are willing to relay information from relatives living near the airbase. I hope this type of intel goes only one way.
The trek was uneventful and right after we sat in our makeshift observation post we saw a Takistani Army squad patrol in the distance. Amin immediately pulled out ammo from his food pouch and inspected each round to make sure it was immaculate. I watched all astonished ... You don't mean to shoot with that old rifle at a target down there at this angle?

An observation post becomes a firing position. The Takistany Army patrol is down there, resting near the road bend.
The view from Amin's scope. The curved line is used for ranging (match the height of a human target with the curve) and it is indicating some +1 Km. I checked with my range finder and the actual range was 968 m to the BMP. 
The first two rounds missed. I couldn't see if they were low or high ... The enemy scattered for cover, but the squad leader stayed prone in the middle of the road.

The fourth round kills the squad leader. The only way to see that was the tiny change in the shape of his body, now relaxed from the strains of combat. Gameplay note: kill confirmed at the statistics tab in the map.
A couple of minutes after the fatal shot, Amin signaled me to pull back. We were not observed but we were being looked for. We walk now with the distant sounds of engines behind us. Me thinking of who will be training who.



Silent Hunter said...

That's not even close to the real record, which stands at 2,475m.

Johan said...

Yes, but that record was not shot with a Dragunov.

JC said...


Real life is overrated. :)


Anonymous said...

i would strongly recommend you to specifically set viewdistance for your missions :) default setting in arma2 is 1200m if im not mistaken and object drawing distance is like 3/4 of that. Thats why you had trouble seeing enemys at 900+m distance )

JC said...

Thanks for the tip Anonymous. I will have to change that.