Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Unity of Command - Postcard from Stalingrad

The 371st Infantry Division (selected in the screen below) is the only operational reserve of the German south pincer aimed at Stalingrad. In the turn before, I've already lost a Panzer Division. :(  I've never went from the offensive to the defensive so freaking fast!

Click the image for a better view.
How a game that looks so simple can offer the player so many operational-warfare choices?

A review for Unity of Command is coming up.



Mike said...


Looking forward to this review. This game looks smooth; looks like it has promise.

Please compare it to Panzer Corps if you can.

JC said...

Hi Mike,

It's a lightweight with a lot of punch so far.

Panzer Corps ... That would be nice. I don't have it. I am kind of burned out with Slitherine. I played Panzer General a lot. Is there a reason to come back to a makeover?