Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Getting Acquainted with "Battle Command"

Imagine commanding each platoon of a whole battalion over a hundred square kilometers 3D battlefield rendered like Google Earth ...

That's pretty much what I am getting myself into. Battle Command is a free multiplayer, real time, highly detailed tactical combat simulation from Historical Software Corporation.

This simulation doesn't cut corners when it comes to details, and the payoff is grand. The screenshots of this entry are from the default "Marigny" scenario (a WWII scenario), but a quick look at the downloadable scenarios at the official website shows that this simulation can take modern warfare (and likely everything in between) without breaking a sweat.

Please take a look at this AAR that showcases a small modern warfare tactical situation.

I am off now to find the smallest scenario available to get some fire and maneuver practice.



Anonymous said...

Definitly worth checking. Thanks for pointing out this program.

James said...

Although I hate to admit it, I wrote that quick AAR. The session was essentially a quick refresher on the game so now I feel obligated now to post a link to a much older AAR by much more worthy players.

This game/simulation has so many features, from combat engineers to UAV's to copperhead artillery projectiles to laser designated hellfires to general supply and CSS that it really can be played at almost any level. And what I found unique was that the developers are quick to respond and consider any ideas put out to them.
Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.


JC said...

What would be the tiniest scenario to get started?


James said...

I'm not sure about the tiniest, but the Team Andring scenario is certainly easily managable: 1 US tank company + Arty against 2 Opfor Tank platoons + Arty. It is a very simple scenario, although you have to ignore the time limit and go with something a bit more reasonable to the task.
I am currently working on a number of simple scenarios (for a training package) that are focused on a US Mechanized Infantry Platoon

Rodrigo said...

Anybody knows what happen with Battle Command? Link of the game apparently is now broken. Thank you.