Wednesday, November 9, 2011

France '14 by HPS Simulations - Bewegungskrieg in World War I

France '14 (a John Tiller game published by HPS Simulations) is a grand-tactical/ operational level war game that covers the first year of World War I in the Western front.

This is the first game published of a series entitled "First World War Campaigns". It is similar in gameplay and scale to the "Panzer Campaigns" series, but the game inner workings (or rules) have been modified to account for the differences in weapons and doctrine. The lead designer of France '14 is Edward Williams (AKA as Volcano or VolcanoMan in many war gaming venues, including Steel Beasts ProPE) and from this work you can say this fellow is a true scholar.

There is plenty to cover (stay tuned for future entries) and to play (stay tuned for AARs) in this game. All I can say for now is that the entire package is a treat. I spent one full hour today just reading the designer notes, a 180+ pages document with an 80 pages mini encyclopedia covering units, tactics, doctrine, equipment and how all was put together into this war game.

 Much to the chagrin of General Lanrezac, General Joffre has ordered him to attack the Germans with his 5th Army (light blue counters). The German 2nd Army (grey counters north of the Sambre river) and 3rd Army (grey counters east of the Meuse river) are about to seize the initiative from the French.

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Big fan of the HPS games. Glad to see them profiled here in this great blog