Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Heights - Teaser Video Made with the Invasion 1944 Mod for ArmA 2

This is from long time reader of the blog Bryan.

Excellent cinematography there, Marine! :)

I hear Bryan is recruiting voice actors who speak German. Anybody?



Anonymous said...

i assume the battle of the seelow heights was an inspiration for this. if so then there really should be at least some entrenchments and antitank artillery. otherwise it just looks like a parody.
oh and а platoon against a couple of russian late war regiments with armor? that is going to be an extremely short battle. it is going to be even shorter if those retardo brothers are going to strafe around and drool after every nade they toss

Anonymous said...

agree with some of the sentiments in the other comment but Kudos to the person developing this mod. Modding a game is not easy and takes time. So well done and look forward to the finished product



Anonymous said...

when you see a dumb comment do you remind people how much time and effort went into development of a writing system?

Bryan said...

It's not a mod but a short. Hill 93 was occupied by a platoon consisting of Fallschirmjäger, Waffen SS, and Heer elements.

They had no entrenchments, other than self dug fighting positions, and maintained a single PAK-40 in the treeline which was knocked out early on in the battle.

This platoon held out for over four days against continuous assaults (yes, THOUSANDS) by elements of the Soviet 1st Belorussian Front.

Yes, they were eventually overrun. But the fact remains that a SINGLE PLATOON held an entire at bay for the better part of a week.

grenvill said...

To be honest, it sound too unbelievable even for WW2 propaganda articles in the military newspapers. What are your sources?

Anonymous said...

is there any kind of document, battle diary or a kampf journal) which describe the situation in more detail?

otherwise i am not able to belive that a composite infantry platoon in foxholes without AT and other artillery, probably undersupplied, bypassed and surrounded, would halt THOUSANDS of assaults (which there were probably no need for anyway since this platoon would not do a lot of harm without artillery or other long range systems) unless they were not assaults in the conventional sense.

i would however happily belive in this surrounded platoon being fixed on that hill for four days until their supplies ran out and russian follow-up forces began wiping pockets of surrounded enemy forces)

Anonymous said...

sturmbannführer forcing a soviet tank to retreat http://saxtitties.ytmnd.com/
this video was probably manipulated. still it proves that germans had great means of dealing with armor without any need for artillery