Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Squad Battles Falklands - Top Malo House Scenario - Video AAR

A bloody and fierce skirmish at the Malo river. Heavy casualties on both sides.

I video recorded the playback of the replay file. This is the whole battle, turn by turn. I hope you can understand how the action unfolded. The video capture software can't grab in-game sounds, so the first part of the video is silent and then an Argentine folklore tune starts. It's named "Nevando Esta" (It's snowing).

The victory dialog ended up like seen below.



gabeeg said...

who is that playing guitar? It was excellent. ...oh, and I liked the video AAR too :)

Jomni said...

Great music the timing of the climax is just right!

JC said...

Thanks for watching ... or should I say listening. :)

I have to make a correction about the origins of the song "Nevando Esta": it's actually from Bolivia. I just heard it so many times played by my great friend back in college ("Chacho") that I just assumed it was from Argentina. The guitar is played by the great Enrique Coria, an Argentine artist now living in California.



Suzuki said...


I'm a player of HPS Sims games. Your weblog is very useful.

By the way, I've posted a lot of AAR for the John Tiller's Squad Battles Modern War in my weblog.


(but all text is Japanese language)

I wonder if you could tell me the best software for making video AAR.

JC said...

Hi Suzuki,

Thanks for visiting. I am reading your blog right now (Google translator, off course). Glad to see another HPS gamer around here.

I used CyberLink YouCam, a software that came with my laptop for the webcam. It can capture the screen contents as it is, but it is a bit slow. I think that any screen capture (but FRAPs) software will do.


Suzuki said...

Thank you very much. I'll try to that!