Saturday, August 6, 2011

John Tiller Software Releases Falklands, a Squads Battles Game

This war was a natural candidate for the scale and mechanics of the Squad Battles series. So, here it is, released a few minutes ago.

Falklands link.

I played it for a few minutes but gotta go now.



Seydlitz said...

I got this at once without thinking twice. The Falklands is so neglected by the game market.

Anonymous said...

Playing a few scenarios, I think the AI has improved from previous games.

JC said...

Thanks for your comments, gents.

Played some more today and it is great.


Jerry said...

Looks like it should be fun.

I played through the getting started scenario. The terrain and lack of cover is going to be brutal.

JC said...

Hi Jerry,

That scenario is brutal. How did you do in it?