Friday, August 26, 2011

Falcon 4 Allied Force - Sortie # 1093 - Briefing

Yesterday's timid bombing by NATO had no apparent effect on the Serbs. The Serbs have now moved a tank battalion across the border with Albania and they are heading south. A Serbian aerial defense battalion is fully operational providing cover to the advancing forces. The Albanian government has officially asked NATO for air support.

I am in command of a flight of 2 Vipers. Our objective is to destroy as many Serbian tanks as possible. The Serbian tank battalion's last position is around steerpoint 4. We will take off from the Brindisi airport, armed with Maverick missiles.

A flight of 4 F/A18s will take off from Lecce airbase to search and neutralize the Serbian aerial defense battalion operating close by our objective. Their flight plan is also depicted in the map above (see thin white lines).



Anonymous said...

More... more... more!

JC said...

Thanks for your comment! More coming soon.