Wednesday, July 6, 2011

IL-2 Cliffs of Dover - Status Upgraded to "Playable"

Don't get too excited yet. Playable meaning that now I can go out and have a dogfight without worrying too much about frames per second and other performance annoyances. I have no idea how other parts of the game do work right now. From what I read, the campaign part is still in very bad shape.

I went out today as part of a flight of four Spitfires today and we fought four Bf-110s. Nice and long old-school dogfight.

Yet I came home empty handed. And wounded.

This is one thing I am not missing from the old IL-2: the ability to peek from every inch of glass that the cockpit has to offer. In the old IL-2 I get very frustrated when those wide pieces of metal hide an enemy aircraft.
I had my chances with one Bf-11. I shot him nice and close, yet my energy management skills do suck and I ended up overshooting. I may need to ease up on the nose-down trimming I regularly do before a dogfight.

This is my aircraft in the foreground, seconds after scoring some hits on the Italian (?!) (I asked for German in the menu) Bf-110 in the background. I dived to keep myself out of the sights of the rear gunner.
Little did I know that I had another Bf-110 on my sixe that shot me con gusto. No major damage to my aircraft, but I got injured. 

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