Saturday, June 11, 2011

HPS Simulations Gets Serious About Download Versions, Keeps Promise About DRM-free Games

HPS Simulations already had one war game available as a download  (Ancient Warfare Greek Wars), but since June 3rd it has widened its downloadable offerings to:

  • Civil War Battles: Campaign Peninsula
  • Naval Campaigns: Jutland
  • Ancient Warfare: Punic Wars
  • Early American Wars: Campaign 1776
  • Aide De Camp 2

I've treated myself to Naval Campaigns Jutland and it's just great.

Naval Campaigns Jutland
You already know that I am not to worried about DRM schemes, but when there is none it feels really great. Just save the file and install it wherever and whenever you want. HPS Sims made a promise late last year about not spamming their games with DRM and it seems they kept it. Kudos.

Looking forward for more download content!


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