Saturday, June 4, 2011

Combat Mission Battle for Normandy - Great Video by SchmolyWar

Watch our friend SchmolyWar in a PBEM match in the video below. This is just one of many, please go to YouTube for the next ones.

Great video! And you did great in this scenario SW! :)



Silent Hunter said...

Good video! Thanks for sharing!

Jomni said...

OMG! Does his opponent know what he's doing? Where's the use of cover? Or suppressing fire? Never seen those GI's shoot back to suppress the MG's and Snipers.

Schmolywar said...

Hey thanks for putting this up JC!! Good to be noticed, appreciated! :)

Jomni, im not sure. I think he used one of the platoon HQs to direct artillery on those positions and assumed that would solve the problem.
The GIs went to ? marks when they hit the ground. The problems arised when he tried to move them again.