Saturday, June 4, 2011

ArmA 2 Operation Arrowhead - Deltas on a Dismounted Special Reconnaissance Mission Get Compromised - Part 2 of 2

We are compromised and can't bug out from this.

If we run, the helicopter will mow us down with it's door machine guns. Making a stand in the farm is unlikely to succeed (how many approach routes can you cover with just 4 men?).

There is a moment in any heli-borne insertion where vulnerability goes trough the roof. That moment is when troops disembark from the aircraft. If we are going to fight these guys, we will do it when they are with their pants down.

I rush my men in the direction of the landing zone. I want their fields of fire unobstructed from the clutter in the farm.
We stop at a tiny berm so we can have some meager cover and we fire con gusto at the helicopter. Note the red tracer from my automatic rifleman, a bit right from the dead tree. You will have to click this image to see it.
The enemy (Takistani Special Forces) are hopelessly bunched up after debarking from the helicopter. If the Takistanis would have landed just 50 meters away from us, they would have been almost completely covered by a small undulation of the terrain.
The shooting intensifies, but we can feel that the enemy fires are ineffective. The Takistanis go prone and since their field of view is obscured by the undulating terrain, they have to stand up to acquire us. We get many of the Takistanis while they do that. The helicopter doesn't take off and its rotors stop spinning, likely due to damage by our small arms. 

Some three to four minutes later, we are turkey shooting some lone Takistani survivors who can't make their minds about which direction to rout.

These are my automatic rifleman and marksman, moments after the firefight comes to an end. Note the small berm that provided us cover.
The shootout is over, but we keep a close eye on the landing zone.
View from the marksman's position, a few minutes after the shootout is over. Nothing is moving in the landing zone.
Still a bit shocked by our success I move towards the landing zone with two of my men, leaving the marksman behind to provide over watch.

Another view from the marksman's position. The Deltas are closing with the landing zone.
Extreme caution moving towards the landing zone! Worried about survivors or helicopter crew members still willing to fight.
I use the grenade launcher against the aircraft but the bird takes no damage (?!).

This is me firing some shots at the door gunner. It is not clear to me if he was alive before I did this.
A Takistani Special Forces soldier who didn't even make it to the ground.
They say that the way to survive an ambush is to fight your way through it. This mission felt a bit like that ... sans the ambush, off course.



Jomni said...

How did #3 get injured during the inspection? Did you hit him with your grenade?

Anonymous said...

Nice write up. I bet he sprained his ankle on the undulating terrain.

JC said...


Also, isn't the word "undulating" just great? :P

#3 is actually out of ammo.

Undulating, undulating ... :)