Saturday, May 14, 2011

Phantom Fury - Past Monday's "Military Monday" Mission at SimHQ's Online Gaming

Thanks to "fatty" for the heads up on this one.

The guys at SimHQ are a great group if you are interested in cooperative ArmA 2 online gaming. Everybody is welcome to participate, check details on how to join at SimHQ. Missions are damn interesting from the tactical point of view and a lot of fun. This one is a raid that has a lot in common with the recent news headlines! :)

Salute, SimHQ!


Jomni said...

Nice. Looks like night ops are pretty popular. Just posted 3 vids on my blog recetnly.

Mike said...
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Mike said...

The first person movement in ArmA is god awful.

I hate to compare a simulation to an action shooter, but I wish ArmA would take a lesson from DICE and try to achieve player movement similar to that of Bad Company 2.

I have done some of this in real life; 12+ hour patrols during the heat of the Baghdad day, and night raids with night vision. I can tell you that, while it may be difficult to sprint around and jump around with 50-70lbs of body armor on, it is certainly easier than what ArmA portrays it to be.

The movement in OFP/ArmA has always been too clunky. The controls just dont move fast enough. It feels like there's lag between you moving your mouse, and the player moving on screen.

For me, it has been the biggest killer of gameplay. Especially missions that deal with urban environments. As you can see in the video, when you're inside that building the movement is just awkward. It is hard to pie corners, and peek down the staircase because the movement isn't as smooth as it should.

I'm taking a long break from ArmA. I got kind of fed up with it all. I'm just hoping that BIS can do something about it.

Anonymous said...

I saw that there now was an addon out that somehow adresses the sluggishness of CQB movement. I have not been able to try it.

I have never had a real problem out in the open where its mainly about fire and movement at long ranges where quick reactions around corners comes second. In buildings too many deaths have however come from snail paced strafing around corners and doorways, not the mention the the randomness of grenade throwing.


JC said...

Hi Jomni,

I saw your videos. Good purchase!

Hi Mike,

I totally agree. But what is one to play, then?