Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Combat Mission Battle for Normandy - Released

Gah! Two great 3D tactical war games released within a week!

Combat Mission Battle for Normandy is out right now. Can't write or post too many images because I had a long day. But at least I had ten minutes with this one.

I need some sleep now.



Anonymous said...

Hopefully you'll be able to get some time with it soon. Once you do, Enjoy!


Mike said...

I bought it.

I'm not really enjoying it much. Much like Shock Force, the missions and campaigns just don't flow.

Not only that, but the missions don't really have any feeling to it.

"Here's a green tile that you have to capture"

Sybma said...

On the opposite overhere. Love the game! With the briefing / tactical map one comes in the right mood. And yeah, objectives are alike, but isn´t that logical with these games?
Until now the ai keeps suprising me and the game offers a lot of (future) possibilities.



Anonymous said...

I am on the fence about buying this. I do not know how much it will add that CMSF does not already have. The setting (WW2) is not really a factor for me.

I am toying around with the demo, but can not seem to make up my mind. The thing is that I will deploy to Afghanistan next week, and have until then to make up my mind about it. Gaming time will be scarce down there, and the game will probably be patched and updated to when I come home anyway.


Mike said...

Sybma, if the addition of a tactical map helps you enjoy the game, then power to you.

I'll consider this a $55 donation to Battlefront for their efforts.

Jerry said...

I am still on the fence about getting this right now or waiting a while.

JC, I thought you might like this:

Arma3 is coming

Olav said...

Bought it, love it. Finished ze german campaign just recently.

Keep in mind I am a combat mission fanboy and have bought every game in this series.

Still waiting for your pbems JC :)

Jomni said...

Have not bought but I hear CMBN has better quick battle functionality. This is what CMSF lacks.

Anonymous said...

I bought it but I'm really disappointed, it's got loads of graphical and AI bugs.

JC said...

@ Pergite: good luck and stay safe over there man. Keep in touch, if you can.

I'm pleasantly surprised with CMBN, but still have to delve deeper into it.


JC said...

@ Olav,

Meh! I am still waiting to get my life back from my current employer ... :)


Schmolywar said...

I did a recent video AAR on this:

JC said...

Those videos are great. I'm going to link them so the readers can see them.