Sunday, May 1, 2011

ArmA 2 - There is turret down and then there is CIV turret down!

Virtual armor commanders know well the advantages of the turret-down position. Basically used for observation, it allows the commander to watch over a crest with the armored vehicle fully protected from enemy fire and (hopefully) observation.

The turret of an M2A3. The thing on top of the turret, to the left of the screenshot is the commander's independent viewer (CIV). Note how the CIV is higher than the gunner's acquisition system (also on top of the turret, near the AT missile launcher).
ArmA 2 is no armor simulation, but nonetheless I took an M2A3 Bradley for a training exercise on turret down positions ...

Carefully positioned the vehicle until I could see over a crest. The thermal view allows for very thorough reconnaissance.

The view from the commander's CIV. That's an enemy T-72 at a scary short range.

The gunner's sights. He can't acquire the tank because his sights are slightly below the level of the CIV. Note the situational awareness circle in the top left: the enemy tank is shooting heavily at us!

I had to pull out from this position. Engaging the enemy tank at this range would have been suicidal. In any case, the purpose of this was to recon enemy positions ahead.


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