Friday, April 15, 2011

The Whole Theater of Operations at a Glance

Off topic ...

A couple of months ago something killed my good old XP computer (an aborted Windows update or a bad MSVisualC++ runtime installer part of a game package, don't know exactly). I finally resurrected this old bad boy, which happens to be connected to two monitors ...

Rise of Prussia, by AGEOD. Saxony, you will be getting it!
I didn't remember how much it helps me to have all the counters in one screen. This scenario is for a campaign waged in the north-south axis. My two monitor setup would not that good for an east-west axis.

I think I need one of those big flat screen TVs instead ...



Erich said...

Tried the big-screen thing and it's no good for wargames. Res is only 1920x1080, which is worse than my 24" monitor.

What does work well is my Eyefinity setup at 5760x1200. War in the East is glorious - but I really need 1200x5760, since the Theater of Ops is arranged N-S.

Still - it's cool. And, of course, the flight sims kick ass in surround :)

JC said...

Hi Erich,

Really? I was hoping that big screen TV would help. Thanks for the heads up!

Kudos on the Eyefinity. What are you flying on that great setup of yours? :)