Saturday, April 2, 2011

IL-2 Cliffs of Dover - Dogfight Turned Familiarization Flight

Yes. Not the smoothest release in the history of flight simulators. Nothing like the other problem-free flight sims that 1C Maddox had released years ago. Yet I can't stay away from it ... Gah!

The English Channel looks fantastic for a baptism of fire against a German bomber-fighter.
I soon discovered that I am still too green for a dogfight ...

Ain't no kill if I keep overshooting.

Heading home, humiliated and neck-sore ...

Trying to find an airbase.
Where's the airbase? I had to pull out the map. The sim has now customizable, movable windows that can show whatever parameters you want.
Landing the Spitfire is always a thrill. Still I have it in me, though. :) Note the lacks of shadows. I've took them out because of performance issues.

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