Monday, April 25, 2011

F/A-18E Addon for Flight Simulator X, by VRS Products

I am always inspired by Jomni's stories and pictorials of simulated flight in Flight Simulator X (his site is in the blogroll), and when I saw the F/A-18E addon (AKA "Superbug") by VRS Products at my local BestBuy I just couldn't resist.

The "Superbug" is the ultimate F/A-18 addon and likely the most detailed aircraft ever created for FSX. The level of detail is astounding. I am just learning to fly it (handling and navigation) before moving into weapons ... Yes, apparently you can launch some of those!

All buttons shown are clickeable, including the ones in the upfront control panel (that green colored monitor)

The manual for this addon aircraft is 350+ pages.
There is a lot to write about this addon as it is right now, but the upcoming upgrade will surely get a lot more attention.



Jomni said...
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Jomni said...

Thanks for the mention. Tacpack will enable you to destroy things. Actually CaptainSim has a similar product.

But I like to keep my FSX flying purely "civilian". If I want combat, I go to Strke Fighters of LOMAC.