Sunday, April 24, 2011

ArmA 2 - Old Dog, New Trick - Be Every Soldier in the Squad!

The dog is me and the trick is likely not new, but it's so cool I thought of sharing.

I got this one from an anonymous reader who commented in another blog entry: how to switch and control to every soldier in the squad without loosing the leader role. This one comes really in handy for the solo player in command of a group (fireteams and squads) to position key weapons and to maneuver methodically in close terrain. In the image above, I controlled the AR (prone) and the fireteam leader (crouched) into overwatching positions along the street. Then I am going to switch to other squad members to advance along a dangerous street. Before this great tip, I could never position and maneuver my guys to my taste. This is micromanaging on steroids! :)

How is done:

-Load the editor, pick a map, press F2 (to make possible to place groups in the map) and place a squad or fireteam.
-Move the cursor to the icon of each individual soldier and double click. Modify the "control" field to "playable".

-Close the previous window and press F3 (to make possible to place triggers) and place a trigger with the parameters seen below.
The code in the field "On Act." (on activation) is very important.

-That's it! You now can be every guy in the squad. One at a time, off course.

Thanks anonymous reader for the tip!



Johan said...

That's a great tip!! Thanks! I have used the Team switch feature before, but what I was missing was the code to make sure you stay in command when you switch. Otherwise, the AI that becomes the leader after the switch will start giving new orders to everyone, messing things up. I will have to try this out ASAP.

Mike said...

Keep in mind, this only works in SP.

JC said...

Thank the anonymous guy who sent us the information! I love this thing of being able to position the troops to the micrometer! :)

And Mike is correct: single player only!