Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Combat Mission Battle for Normandy - Quick Battle: Bil Hardenberger's vs. Warren Miron - Four Minutes In, The Fog of War is Still Thick

A couple of days after this video left me scratching my head, I read about Bil's wonderfully illustrated and explained battle report of a quick battle with the upcoming Combat Mission Battle for Normandy.

Bil has worked with Battlefront in the past as a consultant (he served in the US Army) and animator for the pixel soldiers in Combat Mission Shock Force. Now he is listed as a beta tester but I bet his work with Battlefront goes beyond that role. :)

Besides showcasing the new installment of Combat Mission, this report is excellent reading material because it covers both the "what" and "why" of the tactical actions. 

Given the size of the map, it is no surprise that contact was achieved shortly after the scenario start. Bil has lost a tank that he was using in the combat patrol role. Despite the heavy smoke that now covers the US tanks he had eyes on before, he knows that the contact so far has been with a fraction of the enemy force. An M-10 tank has showed up at other avenue of approach and it looks like Bil wants to engage it sooner than later. It looks as if he wants to blunt the enemy spear as much as he can before committing his main force for the final blow. It is a risky premise and the cautious in me would wait until Warren commit his forces instead. We will see ...



Bil Hardenberger said...

If anybody goes to read this AAR, the very first post has a table of contents with links to all of my and Warren's AAR posts.

Nice write up J. We'll have to see what happened when I went hunting that M-10.. that little adventure should be posted sometime today.

Anonymous said...

JC, I was waiting for you to post something about CM:BN! It's looking quite nice, isn't it? ;)

-Hi Bil!

UsF said...

I preordered it an am waiting in anticipation for this game, though I am not happy with how everything is handled. Indie games have spoiled me with their DRM freeness and early access pre-purchase models.

JC said...

Ey folks,

@tFS: anticipation grows by the hour!

@UsF: I hear you. I still have to deactivate my previous CMSF from my defunct old system. :(


Anonymous said...

Its out of date and awful. Dont buy this crap!

Anonymous said...

Where are the reviews of Combat Mission? I can't find any at all!