Thursday, March 24, 2011

Combat Command, The Matrix Edition - Now Available

I remember some years ago -back when a previous version of this game was being sold by Shrapnel Games- playing the demo and trying to make my mind about buying it or not. When I decided to buy it, it was discontinued! Doh!

Now it is being published by Matrix and it was released today.

Combat Command is an hexes, turn based (IGOUGO) war game with a variety of scenarios set during WWII. The scale of the game is tactical/grand-tactical, with scenarios big and small putting you in command of three or four divisions at a time. Each hex represents 500 meters and each turn corresponds to two hours of action during day time and four hours during night time. Smallest units are companies.

For this re-release, there are new scenarios (Western, Eastern, Southern and Pacific Fronts, I will post a complete list of scenarios in a future entry) and revamped tiles' graphics.

The screenshots below are clickeable.

And no, I didn't buy this game for its looks ... :)


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