Friday, December 24, 2010

Squad Battles Modern War Out Monday, Combat Mission Battle for Normandy Aiming for February 2011

Gee, I take a short trip and look what happens.

John Tiller's Squad Battles Modern War will be available next Monday. When Tiller said "aggressive publication schedule", he meant it. Credit card ready, bring it on!

Squad Battles Modern War

Battlefront has a name for it's next Combat Mission iteration: Combat Mission Battle for Normandy. Looking great. I've seen screenshots showing rivers ... and bridges. Yeah! Hoping for an early release of this one.

Family picture.


Crille said...

CMBN looks like it´s going to be awesome.

Anonymous said...

Good time for games

Also dont forget this

For Red Victory

Anonymous said...

Is it just me, or do "Modern Battles" looks surprisingly bland and dull in comparison to IronX SB modifications? Just the "Long War
-mod" alone seem to offer a lot more variation than this complete new instalment.


JC said...


Looking forward to CMBN too!


Your site is kicking some serious ass! :)


I agree about the artwork. Sometimes I find it hard to see what I'm supposed to be seeing. IronX's "Long War": do you apply that to which SB game?