Saturday, December 11, 2010

John Tiller's New Self-Publishing Effort Doing Great

Kharkov 43 marked the start of a new era for John Tiller. He parted from HPS Simulations and went solo in a self-publishing effort. Future John Tiller games will be available directly from his store via download.

Kharkov 43 has a mild DRM scheme based in activations. In a thread at, some war gamers vowed to never buy Kharkov 43 or any future Tiller game because of this. Apparently the "boycott" didn't work very well. This was posted at John Tiller's page a few days ago:

Before this endeavor started last Friday, we had no idea what to expect. I had established a sales goal for the end of the month that I felt would represent undisputable success. I am delighted to report that because of your enthusiastic response, our first month sales goal was achieved Tuesday.
Our second game, a Squad Battles game, is finished and ready for release in the near future. And we have a very aggressive publishing schedule established for the first half of 2011 to populate the store with a variety of games from many different areas.
Thank you for ensuring that my team and I will be able to continue our efforts well into the future.
John Tiller
08 Dec 2010

Tiller has sold a month's worth of games in 5 days. It doesn't surprise me at all. The games are great and the new download distribution venue is just too convenient. So here is to John Tiller for a continued success.

Side notes about
1) news coverage team has either missed or ignored the release of Kharkov 43. I hope is just an omission. Even the most trivial previews of Matrix Games are being showcased with big fanfare (?!).
2) The thread at about DRMs in Tiller's games is an embarrassment. These anti-DRM activists are convinced that taking a stance against a small guy like Tiller is as heroic as taking it against a corporation like Ubisoft or SEGA. Fortunately, they have absolutely no influence even in a market as small as this one.



Anonymous said...

I was the one that started the thread on the Wargamer and this doozy over at Matrix

They ignored it because the DRM bullies forced everyone off the boards that didnt agree to their viewpoint, including me. I actually recieved a warning for trying to stick up for myself in the Matrix thread, but they will sure enough close and lock any price discussions really quick!

You can read more on my blog at

Seydlitz said...

Iam glad JT took this turn. Iam from Germany and its hard to get this kind of games here. Of course I could order it in the US but the postage is high and it could take several weeks to arrive. I always hoped that HPS would offer a download service but this never happened. So I was very glad that I could buy my first JTPC game and John can be assured that this wont be the last game I bought from his onlineshop.

Anonymous said...

"Even the most trivial previews of Matrix Games are being showcased with big fanfare (?!)."

Umm, you do realize that Matrix owns, right? They have for years, though shockingly you won't even see them post when discussing a Matrix product a disclosure statement. Then again, knowing how they do business it's not that shocking...

S Trauth said...

With all due respect Anon... I think that the blog's author was taking the polite route; but yes a WhoIs search turns that up despite protestations to the contrary.

Although I would say that more people should be aware of this fact.