Wednesday, December 1, 2010

ArmA 2 Operation Arrowhead Private Military Company - Ranks no more, we rely on payscale now

I got the Private Military Company (PMC) DLC today. 

It is an interesting module, but I am not as enthused as I am with the British Armed Forces one. I don't know, maybe because it is late at night.

Two contractors pulling security at a remote road in the new "Proving Grounds" map.
This contractor is armed with the good ole M16.
The new map (Proving Grounds) is a bit smaller than the one we got with the BAF DLC.

Despite the dull appearance of the 2D map above, the new Proving Grounds has plenty of very nice tactical landscapes.

Air support is taken care of by this Ka-60.
Thanks, dude. I think I will wait for the next IFV ...
Wait! This one will do. Can I man the gun ... please? :)


Grimm said...

I'll take this DLC as a christmas gift, but I'm not really enthusiast about it. The subject is really good in my opinion, but the content seems quite poor.

Concerning the map, did you check the ones IceBreakr did? Probably the best work around here :

Isla Duala is a masterpiece.

Grimm said...

I'm not absolutely enthusiast about this, subject seems good but content may be poor.

Concerning the maps, did you check the ones icebreakr did? It's a very professional quality job :

Isla Duala is a masterpiece


Johan S said...

Sure, PMC does not have the same amount of content as British Armed Forces. I especially miss the scenario missions, which were great in BAF.

But compared to the DLC:s of other games, Arma 2 DLC:s give you great value for the money.

JC said...

Hi Grimm,

Thanks for your comment. In the end, it is user content what makes these games great. :) Isla Duala, I've got that thing downloaded back from the time when I wanted to go online with the guys at SimHQ. I will check if it works with v1.56. Thanks!

Ey Johan,
Those scenario missions in BAF are highly regarded. I almost don't play the canned scenarios in ArmA2, but sure I should. Ditto on the value we get from any ArmA product. Definitively not complaining here. Rather comparing.