Thursday, November 4, 2010

Your game will know your thoughts ...


This article appeared in both the print and online version of Training and Simulation Journal.

The US Army experimenting with brain control sounds like a plot for a cheap techno-thriller. The general public having access to this technology was a what-the-hell moment for me.

Emotiv is selling a device named Epoc that can read the tiny currents on your skull and convert them into an input to a computer. Epoc is $300 and the computer applications that can be controlled with your brain (gah! it feels weird to write this) is apparently unlimited (the EmoKey software converts the Epoc output into keystrokes).

I thought my TrackIR was cool. I'm feeling old already. :)


Image above is from Emotiv, used here without authorization but without monetary gain. Please contact me if you want it removed.

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