Saturday, November 27, 2010

Revolution Under Siege - New AGEOD/Paradox's Wargame

By this time AGEOD's engine is a known quantity. With more than seven titles that have received accolades at every hard core war gaming venue, the engine continues to deliver great war games. The new offer now is from French third party developer SEP Reds. The topic is the almost unexplored PC war gaming territory of the Russian Civil War.

Some screenshots follow as a preview of my review of the game.

The Polish-Soviet War heats up north of the Pinsk marshes.
Detailed battle report, showing an un-glorious defeat of my communist forces.

The 16th Army (red counter near the bottom of the map) is about to be outflanked by Polish troops aiming at Kiev.
The vast expanses of Russia need an strategic map to show all your troops. Red, Soviet troops; black, Polish troops.
Those icons in the map make me wonder how orthodox is our collections department, comrade Lenin.


Johan S said...

I had noticed this game and was wondering if it's worth checking out. But the map seems to lack hexes, instead having irregular shaped provinces, like the Hearts of Iron games, which makes me a bit skeptical.

It's great to hear that you will be reviewing it! I'm looking forward to that.

Hudson said...

I have 3 Aegod titles but I just hate their combat resolution screens. If only that would improve

JC said...

Hello folks,

This engine uses provinces and yes, it may generate some quirkiness. This is visible in other games. So far in this title is working very good.

Hudson, I agree. There is a lot going on under the hood with the battle resolution and is less than clear in the interface.