Sunday, October 3, 2010

ArmA 2 Operation Arrowhead British Armed Forces - On Being Section and Fireteam Leader at the Same Time - Part 2

This is a continuation of a previous entry.

Our platoon has lost contact with a dismounted scout section. My section is tasked with conducting a patrol north of the road that is our main route in order to search for the missing blokes. The terrain is a green zone, not exactly closed terrain, but our platoon leader insists in keeping our vehicles and armor on the roads.

The scouts we are looking for are either dead or captured. No scout will ever loose his bearing with such a huge landmark (power lines) in plain view.
I'm commanding my section as two separate fireteams. I'm in command of fireteam white and the 2IC (2nd in command) is in command of the red fireteam (note the colored numbers in the icons of each soldier).

Passing through fireteam red and making sure they have a good field of fire.
As far as I know, when British infantry sections move to contact, they will do it in "caterpillar" or "leapfrog" movements. These modes of movement are equal to the US Army/Marines alternate and succesive bounds respectively. During this scenario I used the leapfrog type of movement.

The rifleman and marksman (foreground) move ahead while the red fireteam (in the background below the power lines) overwatches.
Everything is great while we move on relatively clear terrain. Leapfrogging is all good so far.

Fireteam red moves past fireteam white.
Just when the section hits a patch of trees and I start to get worried about getting my two fireteams too separated ... Contact!

Two soldiers from fireteam white take aim at the enemy ahead. Fireteam red is behind the trees in the background (note the faded green romboid icons).
I try to get visual contact with my red fireteam and I drag fireteam white a few meters forward. The AR of fireteam white gets hit in the process.

I now can see the fireteam red (background), but my AR (soldier #4) has been hit.
From their shouts, I realize that fireteam red is engaging an enemy formation that my fireteam white can't see. The situation goes bananas from here. I recall fireteam red to join us, but to be sincere I still don't know where is the enemy hitting the white fireteam and me.

Everybody hit the dirt while your fearless section leader figures out what the fuck is going on!
Can't think under fire ... I order everybody to retreat to a nearby ditch. Complete and utter disaster! Our break contact drill is a living joke. More blokes fall to enemy fire.

Least thing I can do is to take these chaps into cover. What a mess!
A section working as two fireteams is supposed to be great in relatively close terrain like this. The critical moment was when my red fireteam started a firefight that we (fireteam white) couldn't see. We had our own firefight by that time. We were no more than 15 meters apart and not supporting each other. I wonder how close I should have kept both fireteams. And flanks ... are we allowed to have flanks with such limited amount of mens and guns?



Anonymous said...

Good post, sounds like me playing Arma :-)

JC said...

Thanks for your comment.

I have to get back into ArmA too!