Friday, August 13, 2010

Victoria 2 Released Today

Paradox Interactive released Victoria 2, the sequel to the 2003 Victoria: An Empire Under the Sun.

I got my review copy past week and I did everything I could to write up a review by today. Unfortunately both my business travel and the complexity of Victoria 2 didn't help. I'm going to take a couple of days more to complete the review. On the meantime, a byline of the game and a few screenshots.

Victoria 2 is a grand-strategy game that focuses on socio-politics, socio-economics, diplomacy and trade. Surprisingly, it has very short legs when it comes to land warfare modelling.



Anonymous said...

Still toying with making the purchase on this one. How about a no-shit assessment of the game?


JC said...

Ey Bryan, how is going?

Sorry, man. Only thing I can offer is MY shit. :)
Coming soon.