Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Commander Conquest of the Americas - Where is the part in which I actually conquer something?

This is a nice trading game and the naval component has me intrigued. The byline of the game's title is a bit unfortunate: you don't do too much conquest (no land warfare) and "the Americas" are limited to (gasp!) a portion of the actual continent.

Yet I want to see if the naval battles hold some water (no pun intended). They look pretty, though.

More about this coming in the future.



UsF said...

I am struggling with this game. It looks interesting, since I like Civ 4 Colonisation and similar games, but not enough time, lots of new games for me and no decent review have me stay puzzled.

JC said...

Hi UsF,

This one may fall way short of Civ4 Colonization. The scope is quite limited to trade and keeping the seas open to your plundering fleet.

I will play more of this soon and post about it.


Anonymous said...

It's very much EIC in almost every facet. While the naval aspects are quite excellent, the strategic level lacks any depth and personality. It's a carbon copy of EIC, with same random s%&t thrown in to conceal the previous games mechanics.


JC said...

Ey DD!

I may write a review on this one. But now I'm focusing in reviewing Victoria 2.