Sunday, August 22, 2010

Real Blogging to Resume Soon!

What a summer!
My business traveling is coming to an end within a couple of weeks. I expect to resume my normal posting by then. Thanks for visiting the blog during this summer!



Anonymous said...

This site is on my list of sites I always drop by whenever I'm surfing. Thanks for buying so many games and writing about them! Saves me a lot of money. :D

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to this !

And thank you for all your efforts,

All the best,


NB Off-topic:
I guess you are aware that Steel Beasts is going to have a major upgrade in the next days ?
Won't change in gameplay that much, but there's a wealth of new vehicles and that may tactically change the game a bit - even though I'm not vehicle-centric at all. Also noteworthy an advance in map-making.

Anonymous said...

It's about bloody time, mate! How dare you let RL interfere with said blogging. ;)


JC said...

Ey tFS, thanks for your comment. Man, is that CMN coming out any time soon?

Koen, I enjoy doing this. Thanks to you for reading this stuff! I have been quite out of the loop of the SBProPE arena. But I'm going to get that one, for sure!

DD, you are a guy who makes great content after a day of dodging RPGs. I guess I have no excuses! :)