Sunday, June 6, 2010

Real and Simulated Wars to Become a Weekend Gig

At least during the summer.

You will never know how much I enjoy writing this blog. Alas, since last week real life has kept my enthusiasm at bay. Nothing catastrophic, just a new job I started in June 1st. I was lucky to nail a very good one this time, but it will involve a lot of travel during the summer. I can't use the corporate laptop I'm travelling with for gaming and at this time I can't afford one for my personal use.

In summary, I'm not gone and I don't foresee dropping this blog. There will be delays posting.

To the people who kindly sent me books for review, my apologies for the delay.



Dimitris said...

Keep at it JC. Congrats on the job as well.

Anonymous said...

yeah dude we like support you all teh way!

Anton said...

As long as you keep putting out these awesome texts from time to time I'm happy.

And gratz to the job.

Anonymous said...

I really like your blog. Too bad you won't be able to put in as much time as you did before.
Looking forward to new entries, and I wish you all the best in your new job!

Anonymous said...

Well, I knew there had to be a reason why you haven't posted much lately!

Good job on the job! Real life is more important, so take care of business first, blog readers second (ofcourse family is in there somewhere before the blog as well).


JC said...

Thanks for the kind words, folks.

Really appreciated. :)


Anonymous said...

That's a shame, mate. However, I understand as RL is far more important. BTW, did you ever get your signed Iraqi flag?

JC said...

Ey man,

That flag is the most awaited item right now. :)

Don't worry, we know it takes quite a while to get mail moving.

Stay safe.