Thursday, May 20, 2010

Keeping my fleet afloat

The naval branch of the blog sails through the seas of conflict ... at creep speed! :)

Still haven't completed the tutorials of Harpoon 3 Advanced Naval Warfare. So many great games to play, so little time!

Tutorial #4. I'm in command of a US frigate (blue circle). A Russian bomber passes by (red symbol). Are we going to shoot it down or what?

The main screen of H3ANW. The expanded map on the left shows some bogies coming down to us (yellow icons that look like half-squares).

On a serious note, I'm coping with some serious paradigm shifts because of my land-based warfare baggage.

Sure, some principles of warfare are almost universal. But changing the virtual smell of mud to the one of salt water is quite a thing for me. Oops! Slash that part of the smell of salt water, most of the warships I will be taking into battle are not commanded from the top of a bridge but rather in a command room buried inside the guts of these colossal beasts of steel. So, it will be the smell of sweat and stale coffee!

As opposed to land-based operations, in naval warfare there is no river to cross, no hill to be taken, no forest to conceal your troops. Yet, the seas are so big that finding the enemy is not a trivial task.

Looking forward to my first engagement!



Silent Hunter said...

Technically that's a Maritime Patrol Aircraft- a modification of the "Bear" bomber.

Once you get into the game, or even better before, come and check out HarpGamer at

Great site, you'll find some opponents for multiplayer.

JC said...

Hi Silent Hunter!

Copy that.

Thanks for the link. I will check it out, definitively. I'm miles away from multiplayer yet.