Friday, March 19, 2010

VBS2 Lite US Army: Distribution to Civilians is Legal According to One Source

There is quite a brouhaha regarding VBS2 Lite US Army. After the initial news about this simulation being available to civilians, some fans have indicated that the EULA contains very explicit language stating the contrary.

Bob Dalton, BCKS facilitator for the Official MilGaming Community of Practice (a joint partnership of BCKS, TCM Gaming and PEO STRI) explains in this thread at

Regarding the VBS2 US Army Lite EULA: There was a question about the EULA and the fact that eveyone was told that there are no distribution restrictions and anyone can have a copy.

A question was posted about the conflict between the statement and the EULA at the official and restricted BCKS MilGaming Community of Practice on 9 Mar 2010.
Here is the unclassified reply that was posted the same day to that question by the Army Program Manager for VBS2 Lite at PEO STRI:
"Greetings from the VBS2 Program Manager (PM): We are in the process of changing the verbiage on the license agreement to reflect the actual ULA for VBS2 Lite. The new license agreement enables the Government to provide VBS2 Lite to anyone. VBS2 Lite is limited in that there is no SDK, it has no real time editor or AAR capability and players are limited to 12 or fewer linked in a game. We will post the new ULA as soon as we receive it from the vendor. For now we have multiple verbal and email confirmations of the agreement from the developer."
Need confirmation? This can be verified by anyone who is a member of the U.S. Army or the DA civilian workforce at the U.S. Army MilGaming Community of Practice at:


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