Friday, March 26, 2010

VBS2 Lite JCOVE: Patrols

I don't know about other non-airborne units of the British Army, but every Parachute Battalion usually has a platoon or so of so-called "patrols".  The patrols platoon is a group of Paras taken from the regular rank (there is no lad that you can name "regular" in the Paras, but you get my drift ) and are specially trained in reconnaissance and intelligence gathering.

At least in Afghanistan, these guys frequently use the Land Rover Weapons Mount Installation Kit (WMIK), pictured above. This truck has a .50 cal in the rear ring-mount and a general purpose machine gun (GPMG) in the passenger side. I've seen these in Combat Mission Shock Force but usually kept them far from the main action. One thing is to command these things from the third person view in Combat Mission ... Yesterday I got a chance to get into a virtual firefight against insurgents with this thing and boy, how do these patrol guys dare to go looking for trouble with this un-armored vehicles? The .50 packs a lot of punch, but you all crew is exposed to enemy fire. My hat goes off to the brave souls that do this in real life!


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