Sunday, March 14, 2010

Tank-Infantry Teams in ARMA 2: Crossing Intersections (Part 2)

I sprint across the street onto the far side of the "left corner". As soon as I take a look on our left flank, an ATGM launcher pops into sight ...

I fire some rounds into the ATGM launcher, covering the AR while he crosses the street. The AR makes himself busy as soon as he kneels near me. The tank is still short of the intersection, hidden from the enemy. It should be covering our 12 o'clock, though.

The enemy ATGM is no longer a threat. I leave the AR over-watching our left flank. I should be watching in the opposite direction (our right flank).

All clear, it's time for the tank to cross the intersection. Note the AAR and R behind the tank, pegged to the "right corner". Once the tank has crossed the intersection, is going to be their turn.

And that's it. ARMA2's random number generator has apparently been very kind with me (this is a mission with multiple ATGM and infantry threats placed with a probability of appearance)(?).

But at least it gave me a chance to cross the street alive and write about this drill. :)


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