Thursday, February 4, 2010

"Combat Mission: Afghanistan" Announced

These news I got from Please see the official announcement at
Not exactly "news" (the cat was out of the bag for a some time), but given how Battlefront manages this type of things (nothing is official until it hits the frontpage, no matter how much is discussed and acknowledged in their forums) we are now officially to get a new stand alone Combat Mission game set during the Russo-Afghan War.

According to Battlefront's announcement, this new game is a collaboration with an independent studio. The announcement also makes it clear that this is not a mission pack but rahter a stand-alone game that features new units and ... (are you ready for this?) ... a new "exit" objective type plus the sorely missed "water" terrain tiles. Utterly confused right now: are these two new features just modded objectives and newly skinned tiles? Or are they really new, hard coded new features?

At the time of this writing, Battlefront's official forums are down.

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UPDATE: Battlefront's forums are back and CM Afghanistan has its own forum.

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