Monday, February 1, 2010

ARMA 2: Organizing a Squad into Groups with the Editor

I promise: just one more action-less entry before I head for the fields to test the tank-infantry teams mumbo-jumbo I have been writing ...

At the beginning of every scenario where I commanded a virtual USMC squad, I used to spend like half a minute assigning individual soldiers into separate groups "RED", "GREEN" and "BLUE". Every group was an individual fireteam with its fireteam leader, automatic rifleman, assistant automatic rifleman and rifleman. The way to assing specific Marines to specific groups when the scenario is already running is to select an individual soldier (Function keys, F2 for example), press the 9 key (assign) and then the 1, 2 or 3 keys to assign the guy into the "RED", "GREEN" or "BLUE" teams respectively.

I grew a bit tired of that chore and after doing a bit of internet research I found out that this group assignment can be done with the editor. With the editor map open, double click on the soldier you want to assign to a specific group. In the edit window that opens, modify the "Name" field to something of your like ("soldier1" in the screenshot above). Then add: soldier1 assignTeam "RED" to the initialization field.  You can do that for every unit in the scenario. In that way, you start the scenario with the Marines already separated into groups/fireteams.

This scripting trick has been around since the original Operation Flashpoint. Doh!



Mr_Centipede said...

If you put those line in the soldier's init line, you could just use . No need to name the unit.

Mr_Centipede said...

oops, missing the code. its -> this assignTeam "BLUE"

JC said...

Hi Mr_Centipede,

Thanks for your comment.
Bam! I'm gonna try that.