Sunday, January 10, 2010

Awesome F-16 3D cockpit

Since the old Falcon 4 days, I've always wondered how the real F-16 would fly. Falcon 4, despite all its accurate avionics and weapon systems delivery always felt like I was flying "on rails". Browsing other stuff at a store yesterday I stomped into "F-16 Fighting Falcon", an add-on for Flight Simulator X made by Aerosoft. The box claimed "Accurate Fly-by-Wire flight model", so I couldn't resist.

I was really surprised by the quality of this add-on. The 3D cockpit is just fantastic and I made the video above to show it to you. Even the multi-function displays (MFDs) work! Off course the stuff shown in these is not exactly what you can see in Falcon 4, but these guys made an effort to model even some sort of radar capability in there. Very nice ...

Gah! I'm becoming an eye candy guy ...

I'll explore the flight model at a later time. :)


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