Saturday, December 5, 2009

Great Tank Platoons are Made, not Born: Gary Owen's New Steel Beasts Scenario Series

When Gary Owen speaks, I listen. This guy was in the US Cavalry and also involved in the development of Steel Beasts ProPE. Now he released a series of scenarios for this simulator so we can practice tank platoon drills. The first scenario is about tactical movement ...
... and can be downloaded here.
The mission is simple: command your tank platoon from tactical assembly area "Sesame" (TAA Sesame) to objective "Kermit". You have 90 minutes.

Make sure to read GO's articles about tactical movement at his website. Also, it is not a bad idea to take a look at the good ole FM 17-15 (Tank Platoon).

The enemy awaits out there ... saddle up, troopers!



Gary Owen said...

Thanks for kind mention. Send me an email if you ever want to try any SB stuff online.

Real and said...

Hi, GO!

You deserve it. Your little evil scenario made me realize how un-prepared I am for the big leagues. :)

I will play a bit offline and get back to you at a later time.