Thursday, December 10, 2009

Flight Safety for the Ka-50: Autorotation with Engines at Idle

One of the myths about helicopter flying is that if your engine(s) quit, you are gone. Actually, helicopters can "autorotate", wiht the rotor blades moving like a windmill and providing limited lift. Autorotation is an important emergency procedure and real helicopter pilots practice it. In this entry, a practice autorotation with the engines at the idle position ...

I started some 8 km from an airbase. Click the image to expand it.

Throttle to idle: the yellow levers all the way down. By the way, the first time I use them. Click the image to expand it.

The engine RPM (tachometer in the lower right corner) didn't go down that much. Hmmm ...

The rotor RMP (tachometer on the left, close to the three green lights of the landing gear position) went down to 80%. Click the image to expand it.

Is this it? I'm flying, turning to make a better approach ... Didn't feel like an autorotation at all. Click the image to expand it.

Have to work on my flying skills. Click the image to expand it.

Close to touchdown. I blew my front tires, but I do that regularly. Click the image to expand it.

So, it's likely I'm missing something here. It wasn't hard at all. So, the next entry about this is going to be with the two engines down. And that was REALLY hard. Stay tuned for the next episode.


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