Wednesday, December 2, 2009

DCS A-10C, Hands on Look at SimHQ

Oh man, the A-10C simulator from Eagle Dynamics has gotten me all excited now!

In this SimHQ feature, "Cat" describes her first hand experience with the simulator. Great article!

I'm very excited about this (bold is mine):

But wait: there's more. How would you like to see an AI tactical ground controller that will mark targets for you with smoke and give you a full 9-line brief? I saw it, guys. Artificial intelligence for wingmen is enhanced over what we've seen in the past, and you have more commands than ever before.

It seems like Eagle Dynamics is putting their act together about the ground component of the simulation. Given the nature of the missions of the A-10C (thinking of close air support here), it's almost a no brainer. In DCS-Black Shark, the missing tactical air control (either ground or air based) is a glaring omission.

Good times coming up!


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